As a member of the executive leadership team, the Chief Medical Officer is responsible for providing clinical perspective, knowledge, experience, and leadership to ensure collaboration and alignment between the entity and the medical staff.The CMO facilitates communication with the Medical Staff, and oversees the overall quality of care and clinical utilization provided by the Medical Staff.This executive encourages and facilitates participation of the Medical Staff in quality initiatives, clinical resource utilization, physician performance monitoring, and use of clinical information technology, medical education and clinical outcomes.The CMO assists with the recruitment and retention of physicians, and assists the medical staff in its application of credentialing, privileging, and reapplication activities.In conjunction with the respective system officers, the CMO acts as the facility s liaison for facilitating and coordinating the use of clinical information technology.The Chief Medical Officer will provide leadership of physician engagement and integration activities.

As appropriate to the individual institution, the CMO may have added operational roles. These could include radiology, pharmacy, emergency room, and operating room. These operational roles will interface with the institution s operational plan and personnel.
Key internal relationships include executive and physician Regional Leadership (to include the leadership of the organized medical staff as well as the informal leaders of the medical staff) and corporate leadership in strategy and business development and information technology.
The Chief Medical Officer is responsible for compliance with all clinical medical policies, directives, rules, regulations and clinical performance standards of the state, the federal government, hospital by laws and accrediting bodies.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Clinical Integration
A primary duty of the CMO is the ongoing development and maintenance of a trust-based relationship between the Medical Staff and Executive Management team. Because of this physician executive s unique combination of clinical credentials and management experience, he or she will serve as a resource to both practitioners and administration.
The Chief Medical Officer is responsible for clear and consistent communication among the parties. The CMO will seek input and involvement from the Medical Staff and provide the Medical Staff with information concerning the rationale and impact of decisions made by the senior management team, while also translating the concerns and issues of the medical staff relative to management s decision making.

The CMO is expected to encourage effective and open communications and cooperative interactions with Medical Staff members, administrative leaders and community leaders to support the system s growth and service initiatives.Additionally, the Chief Medical Officer will engage and support nursing leadership excellence, collaborate on nursing patient care outcomes, enable state of the art evaluation methodologies, effective data collection and reporting systems, and focus on continuous performance improvement.The CMO enhances the collegial relationship of nurses and physicians, aligning with the vision of the IOM s 2011Future of Nursing report.The CMO works with case management to address length of stay, patient flow, timely discharge, effectiveness, and clinical outcomes management; provides oversight to physician advisors working with case management; aids in the development of standardized order sets, protocols, and clinical pathways to support the design of effective patient care delivery models, and works with case management and performance improvement to monitor use of approved care pathways and to facilitate adoption by the medical staff.

The Chief Medical Officer provides direct physician executive oversight of medical staff services, by overseeing the credentialing of physicians/allied health practitioners and by serving as a resource to the medical staff.The CMO works with Medical Staff leadership and administrative staff to enhance the organization's effectiveness within the entity and system.The CMO works with the medical staff leadership to provide on-going evaluation of medical staff and allied health practitioner performance.In conjunction with respective entity leaders, the Chief Medical Officer oversees the medical staff hospital-based services (Medical/Surgical Hospitalists, Intensivists, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Pathology and Anesthesia) and local medical directorships while overseeing clinical quality, and clinical resource utilization in conjunction with local clinical executives, corporate quality officer, physician advisors and case management.

The CMO provides direct involvement in support of the development of service lines, clinical programs and protocols as a means to assure high value healthcare and further clinical integration. In developing this clinical integration, the CMO works to enhance care across the continuum among all THR affiliated facilities and across zones and service lines.
The Chief Medical Officer works with the CHIO to coordinate the informatics function of the medical staff including computerized physician order management and the electronic medical record and demonstrates proficiency in the use of clinical information systems and demonstrate experience in developing/promoting evidence-based care through the use of technology.
Establishes and advances collaborative and collegial relationships with key stakeholders across disciplines at all levels of the organization, ie. Entity, Zone and System Levels. Models and advances a collegial relationship between physicians and nursing at all levels of the organization.
Physician Recruitment and Leadership Development
The CMO oversees the design and implementation of effective recruitment, orientation and retention activities that will attract and keep new physicians. In addition, the CMO ensures a smooth and efficient application process for all new applicants to the medical staff and assists the medical staff in its application of credentialing, privileging, and reapplication activities. The CMO will have a significant role in entity physician contracting.
The Chief Medical Officer will lead physician leadership development at their entity to support the growth of physician leadership throughout THR. This includes a spectrum of elements, for use by local service area leadership that effectively supports the growth of physician leadership throughout THR in the areas of clinical integration, case management and strategic planning and execution.
This physician executive engages and supports physicians who are responsible for executing plans; leverage the full talent and expertise of physician leaders through constant mentoring and attention; develop next generation of physician leaders through listening, mentoring, and motivating to achieve the organization s mission and vision building upon the unique partnership between the private/ voluntary and employed physician staff; help to shape and strengthen the clinical enterprise by creating synergies between the various medical staff entities and its physician constituents.

The CMO participates in strategic planning at several levels in the organization:
as an integral part of the executive management team that develops plans, strategies and budgeting for organizational success, and in developing annual plans within medical affairs and assisting the Medical Staff leadership and clinical chiefs as they consider the hospital s objectives and its plans for implementation of new clinical initiatives, medical equipment, technology and construction.
The CMO participates in the strategic planning process, the Chief Medical Officer will ensure medical staff goals and objectives are in alignment with facility goals and initiatives, and facilitates steering committees of the medical staff. Oversee systematic ideation programs to solicit clinical constituents and innovation opportunities, adhere to baseline criteria or thresholds for evaluation, review physician proposals and develop funding recommendations.
In order to provide leadership for clinical information technologies, the CMO advises and provides consultation on the business requirements for clinical information technologies to support physician activities throughout THR entities.
Quality and Safety
As the senior physician executive, the CMO cooperates with the executive team and Medical Staff leadership to develop and maintain a comprehensive system to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of patient care and resultant outcomes throughout the organization including but not limited to length of stay and clinical resource utilization, medical management, and performance improvement. This includes supporting nursing excellence, collaborating on nursing patient care outcomes, enabling state of the art evaluation methodologies, effective data collection and reporting systems, and focusing on continuous performance improvement.
The CMO works together with nursing, physicians and other hospital staff members to embrace the highest level of quality and patient safety. The CMO will aid the entity and THR in working towards high reliability. This physician executive will have comfort and experience with multi-disciplinary teams and with collaborative, horizontal approaches to building care and quality.
The CMO oversees development of physician performance measures and aids in distribution and explanation of the performance measures to department c...

Entity Information:

Employment opportunities are only reflective of wholly owned Texas Health Resources entities.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employees or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

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